Ashanti's: your new beauty experience

Ashanti’s offers personalized beauty and wellness treatments, both at home and in an institute.

Our priority is your
Beauty   Well being 

Offer yourself a moment of beauty and escape! Indeed, at Ashanti’s we go beyond beauty and make sure that every treatment is also an experience of well-being.

Care suitable for all

At Ashanti’s we want to make beauty accessible to all, which is why we offer our services at home and in institutes and medical facilities and specialized residences.

Whatever your age and physical condition, we make sure to offer you the best care.

Our services:

Nail salon

Gel nails laying and repairing, etc.

Hand beauty

Manicure, nail polish, etc.


Beauty of the feet reflexology plantar, etc.


Extension of eyelashes, eyelash and eyebrow coloration, etc.


Makeup for every occasion


Back, hands, relaxation massages, etc.

Long-lasting makeup

Microneedling, micro blading, etc.

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